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VoM provides a suite of features tailored to enhance your online / ecommerce store’s accounting capabilities, enabling you to generate accurate financial insights on-demand.

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Integrate with online store

Seamlessly connect VoM with your online store, enabling automatic synchronization of orders to VoM as manual journal entries, all without the need for interventions by accountants

Track suppliers

Effectively manage your suppliers' status and validate payments through manual entries to generate account statements for each supplier. When seamlessly integrated with any POS system, VoM ensures automatic recording of all future supplier orders

Register and track expenses

Effortlessly record all company expenses, including rent, electricity, government fees, salaries, and more. This enables you to easily track and include taxes, ensuring the company's VAT report is comprehensive and accurate.

Issue financial reports

Generate all financial reports, including the income statement, trial balance, cash flows, and more than 14 other comprehensive reports.

Our Applications & eCommerce Clients

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Online store merchants have access to an integrated system of features and applications that facilitate business growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you run applications or an online store, VoM is a versatile accounting software that enables you to conveniently handle sales, invoices, taxes, and generate reports, accessible from anywhere.

In applications and online stores, you have the flexibility to assign permissions based on employee tasks and positions within the company.

In applications and online stores, you have the option to personalize your invoices by adding your own logo, ensuring compliance with the regulations of the relevant authorities.