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VoM offers a wide range of features to enhance the accounting performance of your logistics company, allowing you to extract accurate financial reports from anywhere and at any time.

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accounting software for logistical service

Register and Track Expenses

Streamline your financial operations by seamlessly recording all company expenses, such as rent, electricity, government fees, and employee salaries, among others. This meticulous tracking enables you to easily add taxes and maintain a comprehensive and accurate VAT report for your company.

Customers Track

Effortlessly monitor your customers' invoices and their payment status through the Notification Center

Issue Financial Reports

Effortlessly produce a variety of financial reports, including income statements, trial balances, cash flow statements, and over 14 other reports, to gain valuable insights into the financial performance of your company.

Organizing Project Costs

Monitor your clients who have outstanding payments and easily generate detailed reports to gain insights into your business's performance

Our Logistical Services Clients

الشحن المميز
الشحن المميز

Merchants enjoy an integrated system of features and applications that help them grow their business

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Frequently Asked Questions

VoM offers logistics companies the ability to assign permissions based on employee tasks and positions, ensuring appropriate access to features and data.

For logistics companies, VoM provides seamless integration with your systems, allowing you to synchronize sales and purchase data, efficiently manage finances, invoices, taxes, and generate relevant reports.

In the logistics industry, VoM offers the capability to set up and manage cost centers effectively. There are no limitations on the number of cost centers you can create within VoM. This allows you to allocate and track expenses across various projects or departments seamlessly. Additionally, VoM enables you to generate comprehensive and detailed reports specifically tailored to each cost center, providing valuable insights into the financial aspects of your logistics operations.