The Smart Choice For Your Restaurants And Cafes

VoM offers a range of features that enhance accounting performance in restaurants and cafes, enabling precise financial reporting anytime, anywhere.

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enaccounting software for food and beverages

Integrate with POS

Integrate VoM directly with your POS to automatically sync orders, both sales and purchases, as manual journal entries, without requiring any additional developers or accountants

Track suppliers

Track your suppliers' standing in VoM and authenticate payments via manual journal entries, thereby creating individualized account statements for each supplier. When integrated with any POS system, all future orders from suppliers will be auto-populated.

Register and track expenses

Track all company expenses such as rent, electricity, government charges, and salaries to enable efficient tax calculations and ensure precise, comprehensive VAT reports.

Issue financial reports

Issue various financial reports like the income statement, trial balance, and cash flows, among more than 14 other types of reports.

Our Food & Beverages Clients

Restaurant and cafe operators benefit from a unified platform of features and applications designed to accelerate business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, the system supports multi-branch operations. You can add each branch as a distinct cost center to track its revenues and expenses. This allows you to generate comprehensive reports that include assets, income, expenses, and all other branch-specific activities.

Yes, you can configure access permissions based on an individual’s job responsibilities and position in the organization.

Absolutely, we offer a range of applications that allow for seamless synchronization of all sales and purchases.