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VoM offers an array of features designed to enhance the performance of your Wellness club’s accounting operations. With VoM, you can effortlessly generate precise financial reports to help support your business growth

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برنامج محاسبة للنوادي الرياضية


Attach documents and store them electronically, eliminating the need to print and physically attach copies of bonds, bank transfers, or customer documents.


Generate electronic invoices, including the relevant taxes, and effortlessly generate tax reports in both summary and detailed formats.

Issue financial reports

Generate a comprehensive range of financial reports, including income statements, trial balances, cash flows, and over 14 additional reports to gain valuable insights into your company's financial performance.

Register and track expenses

Effortlessly record all company expenses, including rents, electricity, government expenses, salaries, and more. This enables you to efficiently track and add taxes, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of your company's VAT report.

Our Gym & Fitness Centers Clients

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We benefit Gym & Fitness centers through an integrated system of features and applications that help them grow their business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gym and fitness centers can add their own logo to invoices using VoM, adhering to the regulations of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.

Gym and fitness centers can utilize VoM’s permission management system to grant access based on employee tasks and positions, ensuring appropriate control over sensitive information.

VoM offers comprehensive accounting capabilities for gym and fitness centers, allowing you to efficiently manage sales, invoices, taxes, and generate reports, specifically designed for the fitness industry.