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VoM offers a range of features designed to enhance the accounting performance of law offices, allowing you to generate precise financial reports from any device and any time

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Register and Track Expenses

Effortlessly record all company expenses, including rent, electricity, government fees, salaries, and other expenditures. This meticulous tracking enables efficient tax management, guaranteeing the accuracy and completeness of the company's VAT report.

Customers Track

Effortlessly monitor your customers' invoices and their payment status through the Notification Center. Stay updated on whether the invoices have been paid or are still outstanding

Issue Financial Reports

Easily generate comprehensive financial reports, covering essential documents like income statements, trial balances, cash flow statements, and more. You can access over 14 different types of reports to gain valuable insights into your company's financial performance.


Generate electronic invoices compliant with ZATCA, complete with applicable taxes, and easily generate tax reports in both summary and detailed formats.

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Lawyers enjoy an integrated system of features and applications that help them grow their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific limit for customers that you can add a limited number of your customers

Law firms can utilize VoM’s permission-based system to grant access to employees based on their specific tasks and positions within the firm.

VoM caters to law firms by offering specialized accounting solutions, enabling you to manage sales, invoices, taxes, and generate comprehensive reports, designed to meet the unique requirements of legal practices.