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VoM offers a wide range of features to enhance your investment and accounting performance, enabling you to generate precise financial reports from anywhere at any time

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Produce electronic invoices that incorporate relevant taxes and effortlessly generate tax reports in both summarized and detailed formats.


Digitize and store documents electronically, eliminating the need for physical copies of receipts, bank transfers, or customer documents.

Issue Financial Reports

Produce various financial reports, encompassing the income statement, trial balance, cash flow statements, and more than 14 additional types of reports.

Register and Track Expenses

Effectively capture and track all company expenditures, including rent, electricity, government fees, salaries, and more. This enables seamless tracking for taxation purposes, ensuring the company's VAT report is comprehensive and accurate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Investment companies can leverage VoM’s permission management system to grant access based on employee tasks and positions, maintaining control over sensitive financial information.

Investment companies can optimize their financial management with VoM, utilizing its accounting features to track sales, manage invoices, handle taxes, and generate comprehensive reports specific to the investment sector.

VoM offers the flexibility to establish cost centers based on your specific needs. There are no restrictions on the number of cost centers you can create within VoM. This allows you to effectively categorize and manage expenses related to different investment projects. Additionally, VoM enables you to generate comprehensive reports that provide detailed insights into the financial aspects of each individual project.