Smart Choice to Manage Your Children's Centers

VoM offers a wide range of features to enhance the performance of your children’s center, making accounting tasks more efficient. You can access accurate financial reports anytime, anywhere, ensuring your center’s financial management is seamless.

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Issue financial reports

Easily generate a wide range of financial reports, including but not limited to income statements, trial balances, cash flow statements, and over 14 other types of reports. This comprehensive reporting capability ensures you have access to the financial insights you need for informed decision-making


Effortlessly issue electronic invoices, including all relevant taxes, and generate comprehensive tax reports in both summary and detailed formats. VoM simplifies the invoicing and taxation process, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Register and track expenses

Effortlessly record all company expenses, including items such as rents, electricity, government expenses, salaries, and more. This allows you to easily track and manage your expenses, ensuring that you can add any applicable taxes as needed. This ensures that your company's VAT report is complete and accurate, helping you stay compliant with tax regulations.


Effortlessly attach and store documents electronically within the system, eliminating the need for printing and physical copies. You can easily manage and access bonds, bank transfers, customer documents, and more, all in a paperless, organized manner.

We benefit children’s center through an integrated system of features and applications that help them grow their business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Day care centers can utilize VoM to customize their invoices with their own logo, meeting the requirements set by the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.

For day care centers, VoM allows you to grant permissions based on the tasks and positions of employees, providing controlled access to the necessary functions.

Day care centers can rely on VoM to simplify their accounting tasks, including sales management, invoicing, tax handling, and generating comprehensive reports, providing a hassle-free solution.